Sharing the Globe is a travel blog that I run that is dedicated to sharing my journeys around the world with others.  My name is Michael Noel and I work in the IT industry and am regularly invited to speak at various events around the world.  In the process, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to present on all seven continents and travel to well over 200 countries within the past ten years.  This blog represents the cumulative result of my years of travel experience and includes my own photos, videos, tips and tricks of travel, and unique stories.

All photos and videos posted have been taken by me personally and, though I reserve the rights to them, I am generally fine with them being re-used in certain situations. I do ask, however, that you please contact me first before doing so. Thanks!

Please feel free to contact me on my Twitter handle or at the email address listed below. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to your feedback!

Best Regards,

Michael Noel

Email: michael@sharingtheglobe.com

Twitter: @sharingtheglobe

Facebook: facebook.com/sharingtheglobe

Sharing the Globe - A Travel Blog by Michael Noel

Sharing the Globe – A Travel Blog by Michael Noel

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  1. Your job was cool you can go to different places. Thanks for sharing your experience I will probably visit your blog again when I want to go to some places that you’ve been to so I will know what to expect on that country. 😊

    Btw, hope one of your destination is philippines.

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